A brief history of the farm (Written by Jack Redden, Previous Owner)

Approximately in 1862 (as recorded in the  book “Men of the Soil” – History of Centennial Farms of Nova Scotia), the original settler, John Drillo Redden and his cousin, William Miller (a.k.a. “Buffalo Bill") settled on the Cove Grant, which later became known as Lindsay Lake.

John’s land surrounded Lindsay Lake.  The first house built, a log cabin which overlooked the lake, burnt and was replaced by a framed house.  The farm was a small, very sustainable pioneer operation.   John also ran an “express wagon” from Lindsay Lake to the Eastern Shore coming out in Tangier.  

On May 25th, 1895, John’s son William purchased the William MacKenzie farm at the foot of the MacKenzie Hill for a sum of $40.00.  On June 12th, 1898, William and John traded farms.  John was happy to be living on the main drag (“The Moose River Road”).

William, (son of John Drillo) was born in Lindsay Lake and at the age of 16, travelled to California with his sister Eliza.  He worked in the Redwood forest with his brother Jim and earned enough money to return to Nova Scotia. Upon returning to Nova Scotia he worked at the Moose River Gold Mines and shortly thereafter met the love of his life, Maud Kent.  They married and in 1898 became the owners of Lindsay Lake farms.  They raised 14 children, 9 boys and 5 girls and to keep his boys out of trouble they were put to the task of clearing land.

William had one of the first purebred Hereford farms in Nova Scotia.  The first of his stock came from a James Merritt of Origin, Alberta. William was also a prospector/miner – working both Moose River and Caribou mines.  The farm was a sustainable farm where they raised dairy and beef cattle, sheep, chicken and turkey along with a large garden to sustain a large family and neighbors.  

John Martin Redden (Johnny to all who knew him) who was the 7th son of William became to next owner of Lindsay Lake Farm.  In 1937 he married Agnes Jane Fisher from Middle Stewiacke, NS.  Agnes taught school in Lindsay Lake and Musquodoboit Central Elementary. They both worked hard and raised a family of four plus a foster son.  

To make a living, my Dad worked in the woods, trapped and farmed to keep his beautiful farm in Lindsay Lake going.  Dad had a great love for horses, oxen and his purebred Hereford cattle.  He showed his Herefords at the Halifax County exhibition and the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition.  In 1982 he was named “Fair Person” of the year acknowledging his 35 years of dedication to the Halifax County Exhibition and service as a board member on the Middle Musquodoboit Agricultural Society.  In 1990 he received his 50 year pin from the Canadian Herford Association, acknowledging 50 years of raising and promoting Hereford cattle.  

In 1980 myself (Jack Redden) and my wife, Gordena (Dena) formed a farm  partnership with Mom and Dad. In 1984 we moved to Lindsay Lake where we built our home, raised 3 children and continued to raise purebred Herefords.  In 2019, Lindsay Lake Farm was sold to Jan and Christiane Teerling who continue to farm, along with their two sons, Ian and Cedric.